Courses introduction


Remember your first day in any new environment and how much there was to deal with? Remember how much a welcoming atmosphere helped and how learning where everything was located was essential to making progress?

Your course is the learning space where teachers and students interact therefore your course layout and appearance has a big role to play in how your students make progress and engage both with other learners and with the course content. Content can be displayed in a variety of ways depending on administrator settings and teacher preferences.

Course Formats

How would you best describe the different sections of your course? Are they time-based, with an underlying timetable or deadlines to meet? Are they topic-based, perhaps even with a hierarchical progression, needing one section done before the next can be accessed? These differing approaches are referred to as course formats.

Your site has a number of different standard course formats:

  • Weekly - time-based
  • Topics - topic-based
  • Social - one large forum for a discussion-based course
  • Single activity - just one activity for the whole course.

Check out our video to the right explaining this process. For further information, please check out our Course formats and Access control guides.

Course Management

Courses can be organised into categories. You can add courses to categories individually or in bulk. You can also hide categories and /or courses so that students can't see them until you're ready for them to be viewable.

For further information, please check out our Course categories guide.

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