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Question: Where does the Moodle community have many of its most interesting discussions?
Answer: They happen in the community forums.

The Moodle community forums enables Moodlers from all around the globe to find out how to get the most out of their Moodle site. You will find the latest community discussions on Moodle, including latest released features, best practice, how to apply features to learning objectives, questions and responses on how to deal with issues you may be facing, and generally what's topical.

This is the perfect place for you to introduce yourself if you like, although you're welcome to read and access all the forums without needing to log in.

Moodle in English forums

Moodle documentation

Getting to grips with all of the amazing features that Moodle has to offer can actually be a bit daunting at first! Have no fear; we have the perfect solution.

Quick guides

Try out our quick guides to familiarise yourself with the basics, such as the Admin quick guide or the Teacher quick guide. Check out our full list of quick guides (more coming soon!).

Further information

Then once you're ready to delve deeper into the full extent of any section of Moodle, the Moodle documentation wiki provides more detailed information about all the features in Moodle for teachers and for administrators.

Our documentation is available both in English and a number of other languages. See the Docs overview for the full list.

Subject specific help links

Whenever you see a 'Moodle Docs for this page' link, as an admin or teacher, this brings you directly to our documentation page explaining the particular page you are on, whether it's the gradebook or the enrolled users page or the quiz set up page. This link appears at the bottom of each page, so it's always easy to find.

Quiz quick guide docs

Moodle Translation

You can use Moodle in over 100 languages, thanks to the work of community translators on our Translation site. Your Moodle for School site comes with all standard language packs installed.

Translating Moodle is constantly updating, as new features are developed which need new descriptions and contributions are always welcome!

For further information, please go to our Translation introduction.

This means that your multilingual Moodle for School site can provide the following:

  • Switch from one language to another instantly
  • Allow a user to select their own preferred language
  • Set a different language per course if and when required.

Check out our up-to-date list of languages, including details of how much of the Moodle interface is translated.

For further information, including where to configure your Moodle site language requirements, please go to Language settings.

Translation site

Moodle Tracker

Question: Does Tracker deal with reported bugs in Moodle or suggested improvements?
Answer: Both!

If you come across a problem with your site, it's a good idea to first try a global search of your issue's keywords, for instance gradebook and hidden assignment.

Use the search option on to check whether someone else has come across the same problem. You're likely to find answers in a forum discussion, or you may be directed to an issue in the Moodle Tracker, our database for recording and managing all Moodle development issues - bugs (problems with the software), improvements and feature requests.

In Tracker, it's possible to view the details of what's been reported or suggested, what steps, if any, have been taken to work on it, it's current status and also the ongoing discussions of community members about the subject.

For further information, please go to our Tracker introduction.

Moodle tracker front page

Got a great course that you own which you'd like to share with others and possibly even get their feedback on it? Or are you looking for a free course on a particular subject to enhance your own existing content? connects you with free content and courses shared by Moodle users all over the world.  This site contains

Search for courses


The Moodle Research Library is a collection of publications of Moodle-related research.

Proven results

Moodle, being open source, is often customised to facilitate research, in a way that commercial systems cannot be. Gaining identifiable insights on the impact of Moodle on users can lead to break-throughs in perception and new ideas for reflection.

Research has a significant impact on the future development of Moodle and has the potential to benefit all users. Encouraging research allows researchers to contribute to that future development.

You are invited to share your relevant publications.

Moodle research

School demo site

Kids love to play with sandboxes: they can easily build shapes, create pathways, whatever they can imagine really and best yet, in an instant, level it all and start again!

This is our equivalent Moodle sandbox site. Explore Moodle in action on the School demo site populated with courses, activities and users.

Our demo site is reset to its blank state every hour, on the hour, so you don't need to worry about messing anything up. Experiment with your imagination and see what happens!

School demo site front page

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